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Modbus News

Product News

Modbus2MBus - a new application to make your Modbus devices talk M-Bus!
PiiGAB Processinformation releases Modbus2MBus, an application that enables communication via M-Bus with Modbus units on an existing M-Bus network.
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Automated Solutions Adds Unsolicited Message Support to A-B Drivers for .NET
Unsolicited message support allows the use of PLC MSG instructions in ladder logic to write unsolicited data to a PC application via the ASComm.NET library.
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Opto 22 Updates groov to Easily Connect Modbus TCP Devices with Smartphones and Tablets
groov 2.3 is a major update adding Modbus TCP communication to the company's groov web-based mobile interface software. As a Modbus TCP master, groov communicates directly with Modbus TCP slave devices over standard, non-proprietary Ethernet networks. No intermediary servers, protocol converters, or communications interfaces are required.
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Moxa ioLogik 2500 series: Ethernet switch, Modbus gateway, and data logging in a single device
The integrated 4-in-1 remote I/O solution reduces the number of components and connections, and eliminates the need for extensive rewiring.
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Precision Digital Announces PD6400 High Voltage & Current Meter
The user-configurable, dual-line display features easy-to-read LED digits and warning lights with adjustable brightness. Modbus® capability (Slave) allows seamless integration into existing networks.
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Comtrol Releases the IO-Link Master 4-EIP Industrial IO-Link Gateway
The IO-Link Master combines the benefits of IO-Link sensor communication with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. It connects intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators to the factory network while effectively shielding PLC programmers from IO-Link complexities.
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Comtrol introduces DeviceMaster® UP 16 Modbus gateway
The newest member of the DeviceMaster UP family of industrial gateways and the industry?s first 16-port high-density Modbus gateway, the DeviceMaster UP 16 features Comtrol?s advanced Modbus Router firmware. The gateway provides robust connectivity options for the many environments where Modbus is used for device and industrial network communications.
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Acromag expands its line of BusWorks®XT Ethernet I/O modules
The XT1530 and XT1540 models provide four DC current or eight DC voltage outputs and four discrete I/O channels. All models are offered in Ethernet communication protocols of Modbus TCP, i2o peer-to-peer, Ethernet/IP, or Profinet.
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AMCI adds ANE2 SSI Interface Module to the AnyNET I/O family of PLC-based specialty I/O products
Available for Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP (ANE2E) and Profibus (ANE2P) AMCI?s AnyNET SSI Interface integrates a network connection and expansion capabilities for a modern, versatile SSI feedback solution.
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ProSoft Technology videos highlight Modbus® Modules for CompactLogix L1x, L2x and L3x systems
ProSoft Technology® has created two new videos that focus on the company's new Modbus® Serial Modules for CompactLogix L1x systems and 1734 Point I/O systems (ILX34-MBS).
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Fieldbus International Announces Modbus-to-WirelessHART Adapter Starter Kit
ST81 is a tutorial kit for WirelessHART transmitter developers and users. It includes PC tools, providing the human interface, two or more WirelessHART interface cards (T810) and the DUST/Linear WirelessHART gateway. Modbus instruments can be connected to allow communication over the WirelessHART network.
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Configure PLCs and machines remotely with Netbiter® Remote Access
The Netbiter EC350 connects to industrial machinery via Modbus (serial), Ethernet, SNMP, (EtherNet/IP, coming 2014) or I/O and sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center via Ethernet or cellular communications.
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ProSoft Technology releases Modbus Serial Modules for CompactLogix L1x and 1734 Point I/O Adapters
These products are the first in-chassis modules designed to connect Modbus Serial with Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix L1x processors, and they also work with 1734 Point I/O adapters.
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Acromag's New 8-Channel Ethernet Modules
Acromag has expanded its BusWorks® XT Series of Ethernet I/O modules with XT1210 and XT1220 models that provide an 8-channel interface for analog voltage or current input signals and Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet, or peer-to-peer communication.
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Belden Assists Schneider Electric to Secure Critical Industrial Automation Systems
The 2012 release of the ConneXium Tofino Firewall included DPI for the Modbus TCP protocol. This year, the capability has been expanded to include DPI for the EtherNet/IP protocol. This includes special functionality for EtherNet/IP communications.
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FieldServer's QuickServer KNX Gateways and Converters Support Over 100 Protocols
The QuickServer KNX Protocol Gateway from FieldServer Technologies enables data access from KNX networks to devices and networks using open and proprietary protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, Metasys N2 by JCI, EtherNet/IP SNMP and more.
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